RWAus Conference : Melbourne 2011

I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last blog.

Quick update.

As part of our 20 Year Anniversary for the Romance Writers of Australia celebration we will be showcasing some of our authors’ book covers. Both Sandie Hudson (volunteer of the RWA extraordinaire) and I, have been busy organising this event. Check out our blog for pics of these great covers – note only RWAus members can cast votes.

Here’s a little poem I put together for the showcase….

Take a trip down memory lane

by Suzanne Hamilton 2011

Take a trip down memory lane,

As we relive the glories our authors gained

And re-visit the stories told,

By all our authors – young and old.

Over the past Twenty Years

Through their laughter, sweat and tears

We share in their pride

And march into the future, side by side.

All fellow writers

Of the RWA

Counting down now to take off…3 weeks. It’s going to be a blast.



Writer of Romance and Adventure
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