Are you up for the Challenge?

Counting down to Write in June, 50k’s in 30 days.

Well I’ve signed up once more, and this year I’m aiming for a total count of 25k written words. This challenge is a fantastic motivator, with fellow writers cheering you on, egging you on, challenging you to complete your goal.

I’ll be working on my first book in my next series, Return to Earth. Over the past month or so, I’ve been researching effects of climate change, effects of war, theories of the universe — fun stuff. I have brainstormed six protogonists (a hero and heroine for each of the three stories), written a brief bio on all and begun on more indepth characterisation on two. 

Now I’m looking at these people I have created and wondering, Have I paired them off to make the right couple? A couple who will clash, mesh, grow, challenge and change. A couple that can provide sustainable conflict and interest throughout 100k pages. I guess, only time will tell as I write the first, few scenes.

And as for the plot! Well I know the opening scene and the ending, but in that huge, yawning-wide chasm in the middle? Anything could happen. That’s what I love about writing.

So good luck to all who will be striving at my cyber side, and let the games begin.

For more info, check out the blog site :



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