Earth from Space & Zombie Proof Homes

Thanks to friends, I’ve been directed to a couple of very interesting sites this week.

First up – Earth from Space

NASA Astronaut Colonel Douglas Wheelock  took these photos from the International Space Station, and now the rest of us earth-bound humans, have the privilege to share in the wonderful and amazing pictures of our beautiful planet.

It can only reinforce the need for us to take care of this one, small rock we ALL call home.

Courtesy of Colonel Wheelock and VH and slideshare – thank you.

Next : Zombie Proof Homes

Worried about the end of the Mayan calandar? Scared about the ramifications of a post apocalyptic earth?

Then be safe….why not invest in a zombie proof house?

mmmm. It certainly looks strong enough. I wonder how many zombie proof homes have been sold?

(Zombie house story courtesy of and thank you to Nicola for sending thru the link to this story.)



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One Response to Earth from Space & Zombie Proof Homes

  1. Oh, that IS a zombie proof house. LOL!

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