Commemorating our Soldiers, Past & Present

Anzac Day is an opportunity to reflect, remember and thank those who gave their lives and fought and still fight, for freedom from oppression.

The Last Post still brings tears to my eyes and memories of my late father who fought in Egypt and New Guinea and who passed away over 27 years ago. I remember my great uncles, one of the Rats of Tobruk and the other who fought in Europe.  I remember the rallies and marches against the Vietnam War and the day my brother was called up.

The expressions on the faces of those who did return home – the haunting emptiness of their eyes.

Mostly, it just makes me sad at the immense loss of life the machines of war manufacture.

But what makes me angry, is – now in this century of so called civilised society and enlightenment, we still must fight to free the oppressed.

I am proud of my country and I am proud of our servicemen/women.

God bless and protect all of you.


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