Workshops & Conferences

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a workshop run by the RWA featuring screenwriter Michael Hauge ( ). What a fantastic day!

The room was full of romance writers and hummed with vibrant creative energy. I caught up with  friends, meet cyber friends first time face to face and meet new fellow writers. So wonderful to ‘talk the talk’ of romance, whether it is category, urban fantasy, paranormal, historical or (as in my case) sci fi.

Informative, interactive and interesting, it was my idea of a perfect day.

Next up and beginning in May, we have a fantastic seminar which will help us females walk a while in a man’s size 12’s and see if they actually really think about something other than beer, football, beer….. Just kidding guys, I forgot….cars.

AND NEXT………wait for it…………we have From Here to Eternity our RWA’s 20th Anniversary Conference.

The venue this year is beautiful Melbourne. The dates, 11th to 14th August 2011. The workshop choice — amazing and so hard to pick preferences. With editors and agents mingling with writers both published and unpublished, it promises to be an excellent experience.

Details on the RWA web site or blog



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