One Month On….

One month on and the world keeps turning. Or are we spinning out of control towards a time of increased turmoil?

On the personal side, I can’t believe its been a whole month since my last post. Since then I’ve written and entered a short story in the RWA Little Gem’s contest. This year the gem is garnet and the winning cover by Sheridan Kent is lovely. Why not check it out on the RWA’s web site?

Copious amounts of plotting has been done on my part for both my second erotic fantasy novella and my second single title sci fi romance. And even better I have begun to write both. But I have still to get back to do final editing of previous stories. Hand slap!

That’s all really on the personal front.

I guess tho, like many other people, I’ve been rivetted to the screen these past few days….again.

Watching as the tragedy to our neighbours across the sea in New Zealand continues to unfold. I can only imagine a smidgeon of the anguish they are living with at the moment and that is enough to cause me sorrow. The full magnititude of what they are living through puts my own problems to shame.

To my New Zealand mates, you are in my prayers and thoughts.
I’m also praying for a peaceful resolution to the conflict that is escalating in Libya.

And for the innocent everywhere on our small planet. The innocent who always seem to  bear the brunt of either a natural disaster or war. Not to forget the wildlife and pets caught in the middle for which we have a responsibility to protect.

I guess that’s why I tend to focus on the little things, the things I can control, achieve, deal with….rather than the big picture. Its not that I don’t care, the problem is I care too much.

But I often wonder where it will all end.



Writer of Romance and Adventure
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One Response to One Month On….

  1. Heather Boyd says:

    It feels like a whole storm of bad news is out there. I’ve had to stop watching the TV because the worry of it all was getting to me. There’s been so much.

    But … get back to polishing SE. I wanna see something soon. :o)

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