Heaviest Black Hole Measured & Aussie Floods

On 13Jan2011 astronomers working under the University of Texas measured / ‘weighed’ the most massive black hole in our cosmic universe found to date. Apparently the event horizon of M87 (as this black hole is now known) is large enough to swallow our entire solar system! (courtesy of www.astronomy.com)   

Thankfully, M87 is about 50 million light years from us (give or take) so I can breathe a sigh of relief we’re not going to be sucked into it anytime soon.

Hard to imagine something that huge.

Black holes, ‘worm holes’, curvature of space / time continuim, multi dimensions, alternate universes, space travel, births / deaths of stars etc etc all fascinating topics and boy do they suck up MY time.

And then there’s the controversial subjects of climate change and global warming.

I love the internet age – all this amazing information at your fingertips! But I don’t think I will ever lose my love for real, hold-in-my-hand books, (says she who is off to gloat over the reference books on theories of the universe, astronomy etc which arrived in the mail today).

Floods in Australia

I’m also gathering books to donate to the RWA Flooded Communities Book Appeal. Our RWA team have organised some fantastic auctions too, to help raise money for people in these devastated towns. You could donate books, money (for both people and our poor animals/wildlife) or participate in several auctions where you could win some wonderful prizes.

If you are in a position to help please check out our blog site : http://romanceaustralia.wordpress.com

And if you are anywhere near the turbulent forces of nature – remember : ……

Make choices.      Don’t take chances.



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