Another Year of Natural Disasters? Lets hope Not.

Towns isolated and divided, houses destroyed, businesses ruined, crops obsolete…..the list goes on and on and still the rain continues to fall. And our rivers and creeks to flow.  But they are not flowing – they are moving with destructive speed. They will stop for nothing and no one in their path.

Is it just me, or does it seem as if every day you turn on the news there is a fresh natural disaster happening in our world? Its sad, can be depressing and sometimes frightening.

But it also can reinforce your faith in humanity when you see neighbours, volunteers and emergency personnel, chance passer byes putting themselves on the line for the safety and well being of total strangers.

So these first few weeks of 2011 please spare your thoughts, prayers, good wishes, heart felt thanks and where possible, aid, to our Aussie battlers who are struggling against terrible odds.

And please dont forget the safety of our wildlife and family pets.

Sometimes the true cost of  natural disasters can be devastatingly high. 

Keep safe all.



Writer of Romance and Adventure
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One Response to Another Year of Natural Disasters? Lets hope Not.

  1. maryde says:

    I agree Suzanne, it’s when the battle is on that human nature triumphs. Australian’s are certainly known for giving freely in times of crisis. and god bless the volunteer workers who are tirlessly helping others. They are a god send.

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