My website is up and running (baring a few small issues yet to be adjusted), thanks to my son, Kyle.

Why not pop over and check it out? I’m interested to know what fellow writing mates think of it. Here’s the link :

I’ll be shutting this blog site down end September 2011.

Happy writing all.

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Dark Siders Downunder Blog

News : on 27th August 2011, I’m a guest on the Dark Siders Downunder blog on the post Darklight on …. Why not pop over and say hello?

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Emerald Award & Looking Ahead

Some excellent news. My futuristic ms Legend Beyond the Stars placed 3rd in the 2011 RWAust Emerald Single Title Award and I’m very happy with this result considering I was up against writing mates, Rebecca Skrabl (Ist place) and Michelle de Rooy (2nd place). Way to go girls – you rock!

Now, its back to reality and home again with the RWAust 2011 Melbourne Conference (an awesome experience) rapidly becoming a distant memory, albeit a very good memory.

One of the main things I took away from this year’s conference would have to be the idea that writers, publishers and editors are setting sail over seas full of adventure, adversity and excitement in search of new lands where anything and everything could happen. Very exciting times for writers.

A new age of enightenment in the world of writing. Wow, and I am definitely going to be there — I can’t wait.

Again, looking ahead, my website will very shortly be up and running and this blog will be shut down, but more on this later.

In the meantime, I’m off to re-visit my goals for the remainder of this year and write, write, write.

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RWAus Conference : Melbourne 2011

I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last blog.

Quick update.

As part of our 20 Year Anniversary for the Romance Writers of Australia celebration we will be showcasing some of our authors’ book covers. Both Sandie Hudson (volunteer of the RWA extraordinaire) and I, have been busy organising this event. Check out our blog for pics of these great covers – note only RWAus members can cast votes.

Here’s a little poem I put together for the showcase….

Take a trip down memory lane

by Suzanne Hamilton 2011

Take a trip down memory lane,

As we relive the glories our authors gained

And re-visit the stories told,

By all our authors – young and old.

Over the past Twenty Years

Through their laughter, sweat and tears

We share in their pride

And march into the future, side by side.

All fellow writers

Of the RWA

Counting down now to take off…3 weeks. It’s going to be a blast.

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RWA Post – My First Conference

For your delectation below, is my post of 2nd June, on the RWA Blog re my experiences at my very first RWA Conference. It was a mind blowing weekend and I can’t wait to do it again. So, this year I’m heading south to Melbourne for our 20 year anniversary “From Here to Eternity”.

One day I became a member of the RWAus.  

Every month I would loiter beside my letterbox waiting for that all important newsletter to arrive and devour it, most times — still standing like a garden gnome in my front yard (and no, I definitely do not have any — shudder!). Inside that newsletter I peeked into a world that beckoned, cajoled and tempted — words, stories, news, motivational articles — the world of writers.  I continued along my path of being mother and provider, scribbling now and then and every so often undertaking a writing course when funds permitted.

Then, my cubs were teenagers and like a bear awakening from a very long winter, I emerged from my cave where I had been lurking for about seven years. As I stepped out into the autumn sunshine of my life, I made a decision. If I was serious about writing – it was now or never.

So early 2009, I did two momentous things.

I enrolled and participated in Bootcamp 109. Writing wise, the first best thing I ever did. Here I cyber met friendly, supportive and encouraging writers – a truly lovely bunch of women. A few, like myself, very much a novice, others more advanced and yet others — published. Awesome.

Next, I went to my first RWAus conference – that year, Hot August Nights, Brisbane. So with a bulging suitcase, sweating armpits and my heart in my mouth, I crept like a thief past the entrance doors of the hotel.

Stupid of me to feel so anxious at my age. But I did. And not only anxious, I kept on thinking, What am I doing here? Who am I kidding? I’m not a real writer.

That first night, there was a book launch arranged. So I met some fellow Bootcampers and off we trotted, with me still feeling I’m sorry to say, a bit like a duck in a desert.

I was asked, What did I write? There I sat, across from a real, live person (not a cyber name) and a writer was looking at me, interested, really interested in what I had to say. And asked questions!

All through that amazing, exhilarating, exhausting weekend, I was asked the same thing. By beginner writers, advanced writers, contest winners and published authors – and all radiated interest and offered advice, motivation, smiles, friendship. Not one person cared I was unpublished and a raw beginner.

One invaluable lesson, I learnt.

I write – ergo, I am a writer.

And with the RWAus, my passion had found a home.

My Advice for Conference virgins…

  • Do NOT arrive with a full suitcase. Seriously … you will need space for goodie bags, books and, more books. Mmmm, did I mention books? Possibly raffle prizes. (I didn’t think they were going to let me back on the plane.)
  • Pack and wear layers. Air conditioning, no matter where you go, can be fickle at the best of times.
  • Oh god, and don’t forget – comfortable shoes!
  • If you can afford it, stay at the conference hotel.
  • Enjoy yourself. Embrace the weekend as an adventure that could change your life.
  • If you feel nervous, anxious, wondering what the hell you’re doing there? Hand slap! You are a writer and you belong.
  • Lastly, the perfect opening line to new friendships (or at the very least, a lengthy conversation), So… what do you write?

From Here to Eternity, Melbourne, will be my second conference and I’m counting down the days. I’m travelling with my writing buddy, Sandie Hudson – that is going to be fun as this will be both her virgin flight and virgin conference!

I’m so looking forward to catching up with friends and meeting fellow RWA’ers, fellow web team members – some for the first time. And let’s not forget the fantastic workshops, dinner, cocktail party, excursions we have lined up.

Thank you, RWAus and all the volunteers working madly behind the scenes. I hope everyone has a wonderful, enriching experience.

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RWA Blog Post – I was a Conference Virgin

This Thursday I will be blogging on the RWAus official blog site. I will be talking about my experience at my first ever RWAus Conference. It was the year 2009, entitled Hot August Nights and held in Brisbane, QLD.

Check it out on 2nd June 2011, when it goes live.

I am so, ready for this year’s conference.

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Are you up for the Challenge?

Counting down to Write in June, 50k’s in 30 days.

Well I’ve signed up once more, and this year I’m aiming for a total count of 25k written words. This challenge is a fantastic motivator, with fellow writers cheering you on, egging you on, challenging you to complete your goal.

I’ll be working on my first book in my next series, Return to Earth. Over the past month or so, I’ve been researching effects of climate change, effects of war, theories of the universe — fun stuff. I have brainstormed six protogonists (a hero and heroine for each of the three stories), written a brief bio on all and begun on more indepth characterisation on two. 

Now I’m looking at these people I have created and wondering, Have I paired them off to make the right couple? A couple who will clash, mesh, grow, challenge and change. A couple that can provide sustainable conflict and interest throughout 100k pages. I guess, only time will tell as I write the first, few scenes.

And as for the plot! Well I know the opening scene and the ending, but in that huge, yawning-wide chasm in the middle? Anything could happen. That’s what I love about writing.

So good luck to all who will be striving at my cyber side, and let the games begin.

For more info, check out the blog site :

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Earth from Space & Zombie Proof Homes

Thanks to friends, I’ve been directed to a couple of very interesting sites this week.

First up – Earth from Space

NASA Astronaut Colonel Douglas Wheelock  took these photos from the International Space Station, and now the rest of us earth-bound humans, have the privilege to share in the wonderful and amazing pictures of our beautiful planet.

It can only reinforce the need for us to take care of this one, small rock we ALL call home.

Courtesy of Colonel Wheelock and VH and slideshare – thank you.

Next : Zombie Proof Homes

Worried about the end of the Mayan calandar? Scared about the ramifications of a post apocalyptic earth?

Then be safe….why not invest in a zombie proof house?

mmmm. It certainly looks strong enough. I wonder how many zombie proof homes have been sold?

(Zombie house story courtesy of and thank you to Nicola for sending thru the link to this story.)

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Commemorating our Soldiers, Past & Present

Anzac Day is an opportunity to reflect, remember and thank those who gave their lives and fought and still fight, for freedom from oppression.

The Last Post still brings tears to my eyes and memories of my late father who fought in Egypt and New Guinea and who passed away over 27 years ago. I remember my great uncles, one of the Rats of Tobruk and the other who fought in Europe.  I remember the rallies and marches against the Vietnam War and the day my brother was called up.

The expressions on the faces of those who did return home – the haunting emptiness of their eyes.

Mostly, it just makes me sad at the immense loss of life the machines of war manufacture.

But what makes me angry, is – now in this century of so called civilised society and enlightenment, we still must fight to free the oppressed.

I am proud of my country and I am proud of our servicemen/women.

God bless and protect all of you.


Pictures courtesy of :     and

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RWA Emerald ST Finalists

I’ve just received some fantastic news.

My science fiction romance manuscript has finalled in this year’s RWA Emerald Single Title Contest! Together with Michelle De Rooy and Rebecca Skrabl, our entries now proceed to final judging.

Check out the RWA Blog for the news flash!

Good luck Michelle & Rebecca.

Still floating way, way above the earth.

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